Media City Sound is the full service audio post production facility within the AECG collection of companies. We offer all aspects of audio post including stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixing, as well as sound design, sound effects and dialogue editorial. Our other services include ADR, voiceover recording, source connect recording, Foley recording and Dolby encoding for DVD.

Located in the heart of Studio City, CA, the creative community of Media City Sound provides four mix studios fully equipped with Pro Tools workstations, two edit bays and a fully dedicated voiceover room, all complemented by our talented & award winning re-recording mixers and sound designers.

We are able to layback to HDCAM SR, Digibeta, Beta SP, 3/4” and 1/2” video tape, DVD, CD. Additionally, we can accommodate digital asset delivery via our robust in-house FTP server. Our studios can connect via source connect line to any studio in the world!


Alan Ett
Chairman & CEO
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Scott Liggett
Scott Liggett
Executive Producer
Mark Jensen
Mark Jensen
Sound Mixer
John Lyga
Jon Lyga
Mixer/Sound Designer

Independent Filmmakers Package – AECG invests in your future:

AECG is actively seeking to invest with filmmakers. The AECG family of companies believes in supporting the young independent filmmakers of today to help them launch their careers into the future. As a result, we are creating music and audio packages that reflect this investment in you, the filmmaker. Sound is crucial and we want to work with you to create the best film that can be made and help you hear your vision.

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Due to the unique relationship between our companies, we are able to provide the Independent Film community a home for all needs of Audio and Music. Please consider bringing your next film or documentary to AECG, so we may help you hear your vision.